bAm is an architectural robot. It has got its own artificial intelligence. This artificial intelligence enables to recognize context, to communicate with humans, to move and to connect with others of its kind. Together, they are able to create interactive and adaptive structures. bAm is between organism and object, between art and engineering, between nature and technology. There are no overall rules. Every interaction is based on the artificial intelligence of each single module. With machine learning, the robots are able to develop themselves further autonomously. Hierarchy, organization as well as typology are decentralized. The geometry of this architecture is not predefined or controlled in advance. It is happening, following clear rules. There is no visible centre or symmetry that could be broken. Adaptive, self-organizing and learning architecture is created. Christoph Müller developed the concept of bAm during his PHD supervised by Manfred Berthold at TU-Wien. Since this time, two additional versions have been made. The third version bAm V3 – ice, is going to be build for 20 times right now with help and support from experimonde | Die Welt des Experiments.

Team: Valerie Kirmaier, Basi Neururer, Christoph Kolbeck, Philipp Hammesfahr, Mark Ortler