dashed lines

The digital space has extended the physical space fundamentally. Due to smartphones and tablets, the movement and navigation through cities has changed fundamentally. The invisible has changed architecture, but also improved it.

The invisible, the beyond and the above, the hidden – is shown as dashed line in an architectural drawing. The dashed line is pointing out things, that are there, but cannot be noticed. The interactive installation dashed lines is made of thousands of hanging fibres in front of the black background of the exhibition space at Stadthalle. This stripes are merely invisible.

Nevertheless, they are creating space together. They are between sculpture and wall, between static and volatile. If visitors dive into this ocean of fibres, their movement is detected by two infrared-cameras* and the installation will respond with two reactions. First reaction is a movement of all the fibres in the area, where the user ist standing. Furthermore this place is projected with horizontal white bars by two beamers. A bunch of dashed lines will become visible. The installation playfully provokes the question, who we are perceiving space, how we can change space, how we can programm space and how architecture is touching us.


Entwurf und Umsetzung: bewegende Architekturmanufaktur GesbR (Christoph Müller, Anel Bucan)

Stefan Pirintchev

Special thanks to Peter Ehlmaier from https://www.ehlmaier.com/