HCM ADVICE is specialized in human capital management. A single employee is not able to achieve much, but well managed, a lot of employees are able to achieve great things. The art installation unum is visualizing this philosophy. A single absorber has almost no effect, neither aesthetically, nor acoustically. In combination with other absorbers, properly managed, they are able to gain a huge effect. Together, they can improve the whole acoustic of the conference room. Furthermore, they can create different atmospheres. Machine learning enables unum to improve itself on its own and to react on transitions within the room, The art installation emphasizes on the futuristic properties of the room‘s interior. With the support of HCM ADVICE, enterprises invest in the future of their employees, as well as in the future of their HR technologies.

location: Stephansplatz 10, 1010 Vienna
customer: HCM ADVICE
year: 2019

consultand / support:

lightning: Karim Momen, Gottfried Pfeifer and Elmar Schrutek of (Schrutek LED Technik) support realization: Katharina Widholm, Michael Schultes of (experimonde) support coding: Milana Kendrisic