Meeresbrise | a popup city
bewegende Architektur, entry for E17 competition Borkum, 2023

Air is one of the most importand potentials of Borkum.
Can we extend the whole city with it?

The amount of people in Borkum is increasing drastically during the touristic season. The concept of this project is a popup city. Instead of using a lot of resources and energy to build huge structures, the idea is to have a minimum of solid shapes, that are able to be extended with air-inflated structures. This created micro climates, are also able to extend the touristic season. Tourists can arrive earlier and stay longer, because the touristic activities can also take place even with bad weather. The most intensive connection to nature with a minimal border between inside and outside should be created. The architecture should become breathing and living organism. The greatest potentials of Borkum are its culture, its nature and most of all its air. Lets build upon this!